Cottage Cafe

Breakfast with my sister and nephew this week. We stopped in at the Cottage Cafe in the Spokane Valley just before they continued east to Montana. Colby provided classic BEFORE | AFTER shots with his Cinnamon Roll Breakfast.

Colby's Carb Coma

Let’s tag it as “Colby’s Carb Coma.”

Outrageous Osso Bucco OR Restaurant Robbery

I had a very good meal last night at Salvatore Ristorante in Seattle. But I’m more than a little irritated about one thing: the price that appeared on my bill for one of the “specials” of the night.

I find it bad form to price specials higher than the typical regular entrees on the menu. This verges on criminal if the specials are described verbally rather than in print and the server fails to mention the price.

Enter my outrageous osso bucco. It was my first visit to Salvatore. I glanced at the menu and noted most of the entrees were upper teens and lower twenties: decent prices for a well-recommended Italian spot.

Then my server came over and launched into a verbal recitation of 14 (count them, 14) additional specials. He seemed particularly enthusiastic about the osso buco and I’d heard another waiter praising it to another table so I left the menu behind.

The dish was good… especially the bone marrow… but the bill arrived with a shock. The highly praised dish was nearly double the cost of much of the menu: $37.

I sucked it up and paid without complaint, but I’m complaining now. Osso bucco certainly should cost more than the basic pasta dishes on a menu, but pricing it just under $40 when the menu entrees hover between $20 and $25 is more than pushing it. Then selling the heck out of the dish but failing to mention its price to guests upfront is restaurant robbery.

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